The Difference between Local SEO and International SEO

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When you go on the World Wide Web, it’s hard to tell what’s close and what’s far. The URL tells you where a website is, so what else does it matter? It turns out that it does matter a lot. Your website is a part of your business, and your business has a location. Whether you have a storefront, a home office, or a service business that doesn’t need a physical location, where your business is most likely to do well depends on where you run it from.

Local and global SEO come into play here. These two kinds of SEO are exactly what they sound like. Local SEO focuses on building an online presence in a local area, while global SEO focuses on building a topical presence anywhere in the world. Both types of SEO have their own benefits. The type of SEO that will work best for you depends on the services you are marketing and the level of competition in your field.

  • What is Local SEO?
  • What does International SEO mean?
  • Conclusion

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO focuses on getting keywords to show up in a certain area. This type of SEO focuses on location-based strategies like Google Places, reviews, local listings, and directories to build your company’s brand in your area. This type of SEO is great for businesses that want to direct their customers to brick-and-mortar offices.

For example, an interior designer in Atlanta won’t benefit from being at the top of the search results for their industry in Los Angeles unless they plan to move their business there. Instead of moving their placement farther away, it would be better for the designer to get first place for more keywords in the area where they want their business. In situations like that, local SEO is a better way to improve your ranking.

What does International SEO mean?

When looking for customers, not every business is limited by how close they are to them. In some cases, it’s better to fight for placement across state lines or even across international borders. National SEO is similar to International SEO, but it only focuses on improving a website’s ranking in the United States.

An International SEO campaign tries to get relevant placement for some keywords no matter where they are. Often, this type of campaign will use local SEO techniques, but instead of going deeper into local markets, the focus will be on growing the campaign’s reach. This is most useful for businesses that want to reach customers outside of where they are based.


In the world of web marketing, both local SEO and International SEO programs are useful. The best SEO program depends on the goal of your website’s marketing campaign and the kind of customers you want to attract.