How do I scrape targeted emails from Google?

How do I scrape targeted emails from Google?

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Want to get 100s or 1000s of leads from Google? or want to get information from any website for business growth or research on the competition? Growth hackers and experts in digital marketing often use web scraping to speed up and automate business tasks.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to scrape emails from Google that are relevant to you.

  • Google Search Query to Get Email Addresses
  • How to Scrape Email Addresses from Google
  • Final Words

Google Search Query to Get Email Addresses

In this hack, we’ll tell you the search query that will help you find targeted emails on Google. “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “SEO”

  1. This will only bring up results from Facebook. You can change your subdomain to reflect your country, such as,,, etc.
  2. Type in popular email extensions separated by the OR operator, such as “” or “hotmail” or “” or “” or “,” etc.
  3. At the end of your query, you need to type a keyword related to your target audience. For example, we used the keyword “SEO,” which will show emails on LinkedIn for people who work or are interested in SEO industries. In the same way, you should put your keyword here.

How to Scrape Email Addresses from Google

Follow the guide below for a step-by-step look at how to scrape email addresses from Google.

  1. Copy and paste the above search query [ “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “” OR “SEO”] into Google search.
  2. Now, copy all the text on the results page by pressing CTRL A and CTRL C.
  3. Press CTRL V to copy it and paste it into the “Input Window” of the free email extractor tool.
  4. Then click the button that says “Extract Email Address.”
  5. You will get all of your emails in a few seconds.
  6. Copy all the email addresses and save them in an Excel or text file.

This email list is now ready for you to start sending out ads.

Final Words

So, you can easily scrape hundreds or thousands of email addresses from Google Search without spending a dime. All you have to do is make sure your search query is set up correctly.

If you understand how email address scraping works and then do more research and practice.