Best Email Lead Generators for 2022

Best Email Lead Generators for 2022

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Everything a business does has a process, and lead generation is the first step. It is the first and most important step in any business, whether it is an online store or a large multinational corporation. A great email extractor for your sales team will help you generate organic leads from both online and offline marketing. A smart marketing funnel will increase revenue by converting prospects into potential clients or customers. Many marketing professionals use email extraction tools to improve the effectiveness and conversion of their marketing campaigns.

An Email Extractor

An email extractor is a tool that can help you get legitimate email addresses of potential customers. Emails can be extracted from online or offline sources like emails, websites, social media profiles, etc.

Why use an Email Extractor?

Email extractor helps users build email lists for marketing campaigns and cold emailing. What better gift than a list of emails to your company’s sales team? Choose an email extracting tool that best suits your company’s marketing needs and extract emails. Email extractor tools automate the process, allowing you to extract emails quickly and easily.

Must-have Email Extractor Features:

  • Email Verification: Your email extractor should not only find emails but also verify them.
  • Email Finder: Your email extractor must find emails of your prospects.
  • Export the list: An email extractor exports all data to CRM software.
  • Domain search: An extractor should search the domain for emails.
  • Extracts emails from social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • An email extractor must have a Chrome extension.
  • Extraction should be done in bulk.

Email Extractors for 2022

  • Aeroleads Extractor
  • io
  • EmailDrop
  • Orbitly
  • AtomPark App
  • Maildb find emails online
  • Getprospect Email Extractor

Aeroleads Extractor

An email-finding tool that helps users build email lists quickly and easily so they can focus on other important business tasks. Aeroleads finds business emails from LinkedIn profiles and exports them to CRM software. TATA, Dominos, IBM, and Adobe all use Aeroleads. The software provides accurate email addresses and other data such as full name, phone number, and company URL of your potential customers.

A program that extracts and verifies emails from your clients or customers. includes great features like domain search, email finder, and email verification. The dashboard now allows you to upload your prospect list and extract email addresses in bulk. Google, Manpower, and Invision all use the software.


An Email extractor that finds email addresses from web pages in seconds saves you time while providing you with accurate email addresses. It only has a browser extension and no user-friendly website. The best feature of this email extractor is the quick and easy email extraction service that saves you time sorting and recording email addresses individually. EmailDrop allows you to extract emails for free and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


An email extractor that can find social media profiles and emails of potential customers. Orbitly helps you build an email list while giving you access to your prospects’ contact information. To focus on scaling your marketing campaigns, it provides a web app that is more than an email extractor. Orbitly’s features include reverse email lookup, mail merge, and CSV file upload. Many new startups, including Nextdoor, HEAP, Sizebay, and Payment, use Orbitly.

AtomPark App

AtomPark Software is one of the best email extractors from prospects’ social media profiles. An email hunter that allows you to easily collect emails from websites and other online sources. This software collects bulk emails, manages email lists, verifies email lists, and extracts emails. You can get accurate and verified contact details of your prospects by typing keywords.

Maildb find emails online

Maildb has created a platform to easily find and verify emails. They have worked with brands like Indeed, SAP, Hilton, and Salesforce. Maildb provides domain search, person search, email verification, and bulk email verification. You can save a lot of time by performing a domain search on your prospect emails.

Getprospect Email Extractor

This web app extracts emails and generates leads while keeping track of the emails generated. Another amazing software that helps you generate leads and convert them into customers. 60,000+ companies trust this software, including Oracle, Stripe, and Cloudflare. This software can find LinkedIn emails, organize contacts in CRM software, send emails, and integrate with other tools to analyze data.