7 Tips You Need to Know to Boost Your Email Open Rates

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How many prospects open your emails is more important than how big your email list is. If you’re an email marketer, you know that higher open rates mean more conversions. However, if your email open rate is reducing, you know you need to do something about it.

So, what are the required steps you need to take? Follow these 7 hacks to increase email open rates:

  • Make a good subject line
  • Use an Official Email ID
  • Fix your Email Frequency
  • Email Timing
  • Resend the Same Email
  • Avoid Certain Words in the Subject Line
  • Don’t just send Promotional Content
  1. Make a good subject line

Your email’s subject line alone encourages prospects to open. A good first impression also helps.

  • Avoid overuse of exclamation points. Marketers frequently use multiple exclamation points in subject lines to emphasize a point. Instead, use words to emphasize.
  • Tailor it to your target market. Even if the product is the same, write multiple subject sentences for different age groups.
  • If you can, write it as a question.
  • Avoid ambiguity and make it concise.
  1. Use an Official Email ID

No matter how small your company is, don’t use your Gmail or Hotmail accounts to send marketing emails. This will likely get you thrown out by the prospect. A domain email address with your brand name will avoid spam filters and increase open rates.

  1. Fix your Email Frequency

Nobody, including you, wants to be inundated with promotional emails from a single brand. This not only reduces open rates, but the prospect may blacklist or mark you as spam.

Sending emails twice or three times a week is a good frequency that doesn’t annoy prospects. Simply put, balance your audience.

  1. Email Timing

Remember that leads read emails at different times around the world. Others will read them first thing in the morning. Use your email automation tool to track when your prospects open your emails.

Send emails at the optimal time to increase open and click-through rates. Also, avoid sending marketing emails on weekends. Several studies now show that weekends are the worst time to send promotional messages.

  1. Resend the Same Email

Your prospects may want to open your email but forget or are distracted. They won’t look at your email again. To avoid this, resend the same email to non-openers.

Don’t worry about being too nosy. You’ll be pleased to know that this is a common marketing tactic.

  1. Avoid Certain Words in the Subject Line

Be wary of using phrases and words that detract from your email. For example, “urgent,” “free stuff,” and “you won.” Consider these phrases as email marketing swear words.

  1. Don’t just send Promotional Content

That doesn’t mean every email you send must be a sales pitch. Make your email campaigns more engaging by sharing educational content. Help them with blogs, case studies, etc. Sending a variety of email content increases open rates.