How to Use Email as Simple as Possible

How to Use Email as Simple as Possible

There are a few techniques to making emailing easier on your smartphone, laptop, browser, tablet, or watch. Let’s look at four rules you can use right now.

  • Sort Your Email
  • Snooze the Waiting Messages
  • Create Email Templates
  • Clear Your Inbox
  1. Sort Your Email

Don’t put all your emails in one big folder. Spike offers Priority Email Inbox, which moves irrelevant mail (including newsletters, promotional offers, and receipts) to a “Other” category, leaving only vital communications.

Spike also allows you to automatically filter your Inbox into three categories: Subject, People, and Inbox.

  1. Snooze the Waiting Messages

If it won’t need your attention for another week, delete it! You can’t just delete it or mark it as read since you could forget! That’s why Spike lets you snooze emails for later that day, tomorrow, next week, or whenever you choose!

  1. Create Email Templates

Create and save templates for the messages you send frequently to streamline your email routine. Have a template ready for service inquiries, for example. To avoid sounding like a robot, observe the basic dos and don’ts of email templates.

  1. Clear Your Inbox

It’s tempting to ignore an email containing an assignment. But this only adds to the mess and hinders your task. Instead, add it to your task management system as soon as you get an email with a task.

Tasks & To-Do Lists appear immediately in your inbox, eliminating the need to open and close other apps. It also allows you to add and collaborate with other team members without having to open emails.

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