How to Find the Email Address of a Human Resources Manager


The email address of a hiring manager is something that we all attempt to locate at some point in our professional lives. And we may all find ourselves in a position where we need to contact hiring managers from prestigious companies. There are a variety of reasons why people look for the email address of the human resources manager.

When applying for a job, candidates are most likely to look for the hiring manager’s email address. Because applying for jobs through job portals and company pages may give the impression that the job application has gone unnoticed and that no response will be received immediately. It is impossible for many people to avoid this because they simply do not “know anyone in the industry.” The struggle to reach the appropriate HR is real, and people are frequently frustrated when they are unable to. While warm leads and referrals are beneficial in the job search process, we should not underestimate the effectiveness of sending a cold email to the appropriate recipient.

Third-party recruiters, on the other hand, rely on job orders from Hiring Managers in Fortune 500 companies to fill their positions. As a result, they look for Hiring Managers in those companies who have provided them with contact information.

Finding a hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile and obtaining their email address can be difficult

LinkedIn continues to be the most effective platform for searching for contacts and building a targeted list of prospects. Because LinkedIn is the only professional social media network that has up-to-date information on its members’ profiles. It has a number of search filters to help you narrow down your search results and create a more targeted list of results. Through the use of additional search filters, such as function and years of experience, a premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator account will allow you to narrow down your search results even further. Additionally, you can view a greater number of profiles per day.

Steps to quickly locate hiring managers and obtain their email addresses are as follows:

  • Begin by conducting a search for your target profile using keywords and phrases. A similar job role may have a variety of titles, and you should adjust your keywords accordingly. For example, Human Resources Manager, Corporate Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Business Partner, and HR/Talent Manager are all titles that can be used. These titles are used to represent the human resources department, but they can differ from one organization to the next. As a result, you can personalize your search results by using different title combinations. You will now be presented with a slew of profiles that are relevant to your keyword search.
  • Using the manual process of opening an excel sheet and saving each result one by one can be time-consuming. By using eMail-Prospector Pro software, you can automate the time-consuming process while also quickly copying and pasting profile information into an excel sheet. In addition, the software gives you access to all of the information contained within the profile. Having more information on hand allows you to more effectively personalize your cold email templates and subject lines.
  • Append your email address and phone number: After you have exported the data, you will need to add your contact information. Are you making educated guesses about email patterns by using first name, last name, and email domain and manually verifying each pattern to see if it is correct? Automation is possible with eMail-Prospector Pro – the email finding tool assists you in finding email addresses of people you want to contact one at a time or in bulk to help you build and enrich your database. This tool aids you in locating anyone’s business email address and phone number by using the prospect’s first and last names, company (or) domain name, and other information. If you are looking for business email addresses and phone numbers of owners, top-level executives, decision makers, and other employees in companies around the world, you can use this B2B Email Finder to locate and verify their information.

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