Why Thank-You Emails Are the Untapped Gold Mine of Email Marketing

Transactional/thank-you emails are anticipated by recipients because they assist them in completing an action. This is the primary reason recipients open and click on messages. And as a marketer, you can easily leverage this dynamic by including highly personalized calls-to-action in your thank-you emails to capitalize on the fact that the lead is new and already engaged with your brand.

Thank-you emails work for two primary reasons:

1. They deliver your content directly to the inbox of the contact. Therefore, even if he or she navigates away from the thank-you page to which they were redirected after completing your conversion form, they can still search their inbox for the information necessary to redeem the offer, such as the ebook’s download link or webinar login information.

2. Because people frequently share your content via email forwarding, thank-you emails provide another opportunity to expand the reach of your content to a brand new audience.

Marketing Takeaways

After discussing the fundamentals of thank-you emails and their effectiveness, here are some marketing tips you should implement immediately.

1. Use Simple Thank-You Emails

To begin, if you haven’t already implemented kickback thank-you emails that are sent after prospects convert on your landing pages, do so immediately. To take this a step further, you can even incorporate these emails into a more complex lead nurturing workflow, allowing you to maintain control over subsequent communication with that contact, nurturing them over time and progressing them through your sales and marketing funnel.

2. Optimize Your Thank-You Emails

This section is critical. Ensure that your kickback emails are optimized as well to encourage secondary conversions. In other words, include calls-to-action (CTAs) for high-value marketing offers that will advance your leads through the sales cycle, such as a consultation with a member of your sales team or a free trial of your product.

If you’re already including secondary calls-to-action in your thank-you emails (congrats! ), take your skills to the next level by incorporating Smart CTAs that adapt to your email recipients’ individual characteristics. Smart CTAs are dynamic call-to-action buttons that adapt to the viewer, resulting in much more targeted, segmented, and effective email marketing. To learn more about how to use Smart CTAs, read our comprehensive guide to dynamic, personalized CTAs.

3. Make Your Thank-You Emails Social Media-Friendly

As previously stated, one of the primary advantages of emails is that they are forwarded and shared, allowing your content to reach a completely new audience. Encourage recipients to share your emails by making it extremely simple for them to do so. Include social media sharing buttons/links and language inviting your contacts to spread the word.

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