5 tips for reinforcing your USP via email


Your unique selling proposition (USP) articulates how your products and services differentiate themselves from and outperform those of your competitors. That is why it is important to carefully craft a unique selling proposition (USP) that accurately describes your brand and then promote it so that your audience understands and remembers why you are the best choice.


Email marketing is an excellent strategy for promoting your USP (after all, you should be building a targeted email list), but how can you convey the same message repeatedly without coming across as repetitive or spammy? With the following five email marketing tips for reinforcing your unique selling proposition.


1. Include your unique selling proposition in every email



The simplest way to reinforce your unique selling proposition within emails is to simply state it at the top of each message. One way to accomplish this without appearing repetitive is to incorporate your USP into your tagline and prominently display it next to your logo or company name.


2. Align your email content with your unique selling proposition



Reinforcing your USP can be more subtle than simply restating it, and strategic email content is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate how you’re unique and superior to competitors without repeatedly repeating the same phrase.


As an example, suppose you own a doughnut shop and your USP is that you serve the best doughnuts in town. Your email content could include recognition for accomplishments, customer spotlights (everyone raves about your doughnuts), or an article about how you source only the finest ingredients.


Alternatively, suppose you own a hair salon and your USP is that you employ the region’s most skilled beauticians. You may include images of client hairstyles and makeovers in your email content. Alternatively, you could offer advice on hairstyles that suit specific face shapes, skin tones, and hair types in order to establish your brand as a hair expert.


3. Develop offers that are consistent with your unique selling proposition



Perhaps the most obvious way to reinforce your unique selling proposition via email is to create incentives, offers, and other promotions that clearly demonstrate your unique selling proposition.


For instance, our discount tire shop can send emails with large promotional offers that align with its USP of “lowest price in town.” Alternatively, our salon may send out an email promoting a special makeover package that includes a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee (which demonstrates confidence that our stylists are the best).


When developing your USP, you’ll consider how your audience will react. Your promotional emails should appeal to those same passions, motives, desires, and problems to ensure that your USP is naturally aligned with them.


4. Select images that convey your unique selling proposition



If you’re going to include images in your emails, choose ones that visually convey your USP. For instance, a doughnut shop should invest in professional food photography to demonstrate how delicious their doughnuts are. Similarly, a salon could use customer spotlights to highlight the quality of their stylists’ work.


Consider how the images you choose for your emails reinforce your unique selling proposition. They do not always have to be images of products or satisfied customers. For instance, a project management software company may include a graph illustrating the increase in productivity associated with the adoption of its product or a chart comparing project efficiency to that of a popular, underperforming competitor.


5. Do not forget to include a subject line


Your USP should be an enticing statement that piques customers’ interest, generates desire, and motivates them to learn more. Does this sound familiar? Because your subject line serves the same purpose, it makes sense to craft subject lines that echo your unique selling proposition.


Again, you should avoid verbatim repetition of your USP (imagine receiving six emails in a row with the subject line “The Best Doughnuts in Durham”). Rather than that, create provocative subject lines that allude to your USP: “Discover the Secret Ingredient That Makes This Irish Cream Glaze So Scrumptious.”


All of these tips combine to emphasize the importance of telling your story in an engaging manner that resonates with your audience. You are not required to repeat the same phrase repeatedly. Indeed, it is preferable to immerse your audience in your brand in order for them to form lasting associations about why you are the superior option. Email is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to accomplish this, so use the featured tips to reinforce your unique selling proposition via email and foster lifelong brand loyalty.

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