If You Build It They Will Come: Growing Your Presence With a Social Media Challenge

Are you interested in developing a strong email list for your business? Along the way, do you want to strengthen your relationship with current clients? Then launching a social media challenge may be the answer.

A social media challenge is a collection of activities offered by creators to their subscribers for a variety of reasons. The activities are divided into several stages and are guided by pre-written content.

One of the creator’s ultimate goals is to grow their following. Since the beginning of the health crisis, social media challenges have been popping up left and right.

Concerning the nature of the challenges, there are numerous of them. The “Flip the Switch Challenge,” the “Bin Isolation Outing Challenge,” and the “Pillow Challenge” are just a few of the most popular.
However, the question is how exactly do you create a challenge for your business? Take a look at our guide below.

A Social Media Challenge Starts with the Audience

Creating a social media challenge is not as straightforward as you might believe. There are specific steps and areas that you must cover. However, you must understand that everything begins with your target audience.

The first step is to ascertain what your audience desires. Here, you must match your challenge to your target market’s interests. If you’re catering to a senior market, avoid a 30-day-25-pushup challenge.

Are you unsure of what your followers desire? Begin by emailing some questions or hiring a company that offers comprehensive email marketing services is critical to ensuring the success of your email inquiries.

Create your automation rules first. Additionally, you should configure your tags. Following that, you can proceed to the email’s contents.
The general rule is to keep your email brief and succinct. Limit yourself to three to five questions. Additionally, include a link trigger for each question that connects it to the tags you selected earlier.

When they click on a question, they are automatically added to the tag associated with that question.
Alternatively, you can conduct a poll on Facebook. Here, you’ll use your Facebook business page to grow your following. In exchange, you want to add these new followers to your email list.

Additionally, you can conduct a poll within other Facebook groups to which you belong. However, ensure that these groups are pertinent to your niche market.

Determine the Type of Challenge

The next step is to analyse the results of the email and/or Facebook polls. This is the section where you begin to brainstorm social media challenge ideas that will pique your followers’ interest.

Collect the results of the poll and determine which one received the most responses. Following that, you can begin drafting the challenge’s rules.
Prior to finalizing the rules, it is critical to be explicit and specific about the benefits of participating in the challenge. What benefit will your audience receive as a result of participating in the challenge? You want the challenge’s final outcome to be something that your target audience truly desires.
Be specific about the end result and ensure that you can explain it in no more than two sentences.

Additionally, you want your social media challenge to be one-of-a-kind. With so many challenges being released, you must remain creative in order to maintain your users’ excitement. You are not required to create a one-of-a-kind challenge.

It is perfectly acceptable to borrow elements from other social media challenges. However, ensure that your challenge is unique. A few unique changes will help your challenge stand out from the crowd.

With regards to the rules, you must clearly explain them. How long would you like the challenge to last? How are you going to present the challenge?
Finally, keep the challenge brief and manageable.

Launching Your Challenge

You are now prepared to begin your social media challenge. The first step is to publicize it. You can also invest in Facebook Ads.
Additionally, you can promote products on your Instagram account. If your business has a YouTube channel, you can promote the challenge via a brief video.

Your objective is to spread the word about your challenge wherever possible. Additionally, decide how you wish to divide the challenge.
To begin, there is the venerable email. Emails allow you to communicate with anyone who is already subscribed to your mailing list. In an ideal world, you’d send daily emails about the challenge.

You want to remind people of the impending obstacle. You want to pique their interest in the run-up to the launch.
However, the disadvantage is that only those on your list will see the challenge.
As such, consider coupling your email campaign with social media posts. However, keep in mind your objective of expanding your list. Do you want to build a list that is primarily comprised of your Facebook fans?
If so, share your challenge on your Facebook page.

The Follow-Through

Finally, you must develop a follow-up strategy. If you notice that your list has doubled in size during the event, you’ve launched a successful social media challenge.

That should not be the end of your efforts, however. You must capitalize on what you have already accomplished. As a result, the following step is to convert participants into sales.

Offer special deals on your products or services while their excitement is still high. You can do so by sending a challenge-closing email.

You could even host a webinar to officially end the challenge. In return, you can use the webinar to increase conversions.

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